Marianne White


We have a resident that had to be pulled up the bed multiple times a day. He is a larger man and it took 3 of us to move him. Since the new mattress arrived he doesn’t call for us anymore. We really like that since we aren’t straining our backs and can focus on other residents.

Sophie L.

Occupational Therapist

I have been recommending the Adapt mattress now for a few years and every client that uses it has thanked me. The ability to move the sections around and the gel foam make it an excellent surface for most of my clients. With our busy schedules I have to ensure that they are satisfied in a short time so I am always comfortable recommending it.

Angela S.


I recently started using the legrest as an alternative to the booties we were using. I was constantly getting complaints from staff and residents that the booties were hard to put on, didn’t stay and not sanitary. Infection control asked me to look for options and I came across the legrest. The fact that it can be wiped clean and used over and over again has not only saved my home money but it has lessened the calls I get from staff.


With my old hospital bed mattress I was always struggling with transferring from my bed to my wheelchair. I would continually find myself sinking into the mattress and having difficulty getting up. With the new mattress, I feel more confident and am able to transfer much easier. The side bolsters provide me with the transfer edge I need to be able to continue transferring safely and independently.

Annie Shields

I have been using your new gel overlay mattress for over 3 weeks now. I find it to be very comfortable, relieves some of the pain off my pressure points and adjust well with my body temperature very quickly. I would recommend this gel pad to enhance comfort while in bed.