Advanced Clinical Expectations

Be comfortable and reduce pressure on your body while in bed or in a seated position. Our positioning wedges and rolls are premium quality with extensive testing and design associated with each one.


24"x9" Bed Wedge

Our bed wedge with its GelFlex top layer and organic cotton cover provide optimal comfort and positioning in bed when the head and upper body need to be elevated.

36" Full Round Body Roll

A full round body roll with a layer of GelFlex laminated around the outside. Ideal for positioning between the knees or behind the back. Covered with Recovery 5 incontinent material.

36" Half Round Body Roll

The half round roll works well on the upper and lower sections of the bed for body and head positioning. GelFlex top layer for pressure reduction and cooling. Covered with Recovery 5 incontinent material.

36" Angled Body Wedge

Angled body wedge is an excellent tool for minimizing falls risk from bed. Laminated with GelFlex and covered with Recovery 5 it is perfect for the institutional setting or the home based client.

14" Leg Rest

Single leg rest provides pressure relief and positioning for those requiring off-loading at the heel. Covered with Recovery 5 and laminated with GelFlex to provide optimal support and comfort without being bulky.