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Be comfortable, cool and reduce pressure on your body while in bed or in a seated position with 5 Minds pillows. Quality pillows that provide a superior relaxing rest or sleep. Options include gel foam, contour shapes and special neck pillows and rolls to relieve pain


Standard Pillow

GelFlex cut in the standard pillow shape for those who prefer the benefits of gel foam without the contour shape. Covered with organic cotton.

Double Contour Pillow

GelFlex pillow with a double contour, large side for side sleeper, small for back sleeper. Organic cotton cover with the cooling, relaxing sensation of gel foam.

GelFlex Neck Pillow

Designed to provide superior comfort and positioning while sitting. GelFlex foam provides excellent pressure relief and keeps you cool. Organic cotton cover.

19” x 4” Neck Roll

Covered with organic cotton and a layer of GelFlex this incredibly soft roll is perfect for the traveler or someone just wanting extra comfort in bed or in a chair.

Travel Pillow

Our GelFlex double contour travel pillow is compact enough for your carry-on or to take in the vehicle. Covered with Recovery 5 it can be easily wiped clean.

Lumbar Pillow

Small contoured pillow for lower back support. Covered with Recovery 5 for easy cleaning. GelFlex top layer for pressure relief and cooling.