Some of the more common questions are answered below. Feel free to contact us if you require further information.

Shear Reduction Technology is an innovative way for the two component parts of the mattress or wheelchair cushion to move on each other. The body stays relative to the top surface and the movement is inside the mattress or cushion.

We use a Recovery 5 incontinent material on our mattresses. It provides a barrier to protect the foam from moisture for a set period of time. It allows the client to immerse in the mattress and provides stretch in multiple directions to lessen the friction on the body.

We manufacture our mattresses in every size. Even though our mattress works best on an electric bed you still get several excellent benefits on a standard bed frame. We use top quality foam for excellent immersion, our side bolsters make transfers easier and our covers are optimal for the health care setting.

Our mattresses, wheelchair seating and pillows are available at top Home Health Care retailers across Canada. We would be more than happy to assist with finding a dealer near you, just email us at

5 Minds Mobility and Durham College underwent an extensive live body clinical trial to test the efficacy of SRT. Read the results of the Shearing Reduction Technology Applied Research Study

All of our construction and assembly is completed at one of two factories, Kitchener Ontario and Richmond British Columbia. We warehouse in one of three distribution centers Toronto, Richmond and Calgary.

It is best to check with your local Home Health Care dealer as this varies from province to province. If you need help finding a dealer please email us at

It is highly recommended to not use anything on top of the mattress as this will diminish the benefits of the foam, however if pads are necessary we recommend the blue disposal ones as they are quite thin and will not greatly affect the performance.

We sell extra/replacement covers for all of our products. Please contact your dealer for pricing and availability.

For detailed cleaner compatibility and instructions on cleaning the cover, please see COMPATIBLE/NON-COMPATIBLE CLEANERS.

In the body the force operates when the skin moves over underlying tissues, usually when a bed-bound patient is being moved, and results in soft-tissue damage and ischemic changes. Here is an article on shear and shearing in the human body:

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss becoming an authorized 5 Minds Mobility Products Dealer.

Where do I buy your products?

Our mattresses, wheelchair seating and pillows are available Canada-wide at:

  • Top Home Health Care retailers
  • Medical Doctors
  • Chiropractors
  • Physiotherapists
  • Health Care Providers


We would be more than happy to assist with finding a dealer near you, just email us at

Ask your Health Care Provider to order 5 Minds Mobility products to help you or a loved one to deal with pain, comfort levels, shear issues and more.