5 Minds Mobility

Is a medical equipment manufacturing company focused on superior solutions for the painful and costly problems associated with shear and pressure management in high-risk client groups.

The founders of 5 Minds Mobility are experienced healthcare seating and mobility industry professionals with over 50 years of specialized knowledge related to shear and pressure management. Our team of medical engineers brings a client focused perspective to the way we develop our solutions.

5 Minds Mobility President Kevin Saunders

Message from the President

At 5 Minds Mobility we follow our motto with every new product we develop. Prevention Through Innovation isn’t something we take lightly; you can see and feel the result of that passion in every item from our award winning surfaces and wheelchair seating to our complete line of pillows and positioning products. Every component is scrutinized to ensure it meets/exceeds our exacting standards. With innovations like Shear Reduction Technology (SRT) and our extensive use of GelFlex we have developed a line of products that provide excellent comfort and prevention. The Align, Allay and Adapt mattresses not only greatly reduce the occurrence of wounds they minimize client sliding down the bed typical of other surfaces. ACe seating, which also utilizes SRT, won the College of Ontario Network for Industry Innovations Award. Our pillows and positioning products are of the premium quality with extensive testing and design associated with each one.

We welcome any comments and the opportunity to present our products to you.

Yours truly,

Kevin Saunders

Shear Reduction Technology

Shear Reduction Technology (SRT) is a patent pending system that addresses shear ‘from the inside out’. Third party clinical studies of SRT have validated its efficacy and allowed us to optimize performance. As a result of these trials, the company was awarded the Colleges of Ontario Network of Industry Innovation Award in 2011.

Just a few words on your new gel overlay. I have been using it for over 3 weeks now. I find it to be very comfortable, relieves some of the pain off my pressure points and adjusts well with my body temperature very quickly. I would recommend this gel pad to enhance comfort while in bed.
Yours truly,
Annie Shields

The latest in foam technologies

We have taken our knowledge and applied it to our surface line and most recently our wheelchair seating.

5 Minds Mobility uses only the latest foam technologies and incorporates Gelflex (gel infused visco foam) into many of our products to further reduce pressure and the contact temperature for the client.

Support. Breathability. Heat & Pressure Reduction.

Our surface and seating line ensure the support necessary for positioning, breathability required for heat reduction and attention to both pressure and shear forces that are known to cause skin breakdown.

Our surfaces and seating meet or exceed best practice guidelines for the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) and the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Pael (EPUAP).